Welcome To Wind Turbine 24v!

This site provides a free animation and free 3D models as part of build instructions for making your own DIY 24v wind turbine.  If you decide to purchase the full step by step build instructions then you will receive in the post a book containing step by step instructions and also a full set of professionally drawn plans (in both Imperial and Metric measurements). 

The wind turbine blades are 8' 4" diameter (50" or 2.54m).  The assembly is 20 ft high (6.1m / 240 inches) but can be varied if you so wish. 


Why Use These Instructions?

At the time of publishing this web site this is the only turbine to have a simple bolt together assembly combined with a purpose built alternator and high wind safety tail.

Constructing the turbine doesn't involve any welding, tapping of holes or large workshop machinery.  The instructions have been made using KIS (Keep It Simple) principals.

The turbine has been sized for efficiency.  Using an exisiting motor or a car alternator would not yield as much power in typical winds. 

The tail angles the turbine away from high winds to avoid damage.